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October 13, 2017

When I was buying magazine subscriptions for my Grandsons, I purchased a year of National Geographic for Kids. Did I want the magazine subscription for adults? Sure, why not?

First I received three back issues. This month’s magazine features Jane Goodall’s picture, taken when she was 29. She’s 83 today; you do the math.

Magazines languish forever in doctor’s offices. I first saw Jane Goodall’s picture on the front of National Geographic when I was nearly 20. That would have been 1970, when I had a physical before starting employment at the University of Missouri. The picture on the front of that magazine was taken five years earlier. I was hooked on the image, and images inside.

The first three issues of National Geographic magazine haven’t been read yet, but the current issue and the accompanying articles have been started, and will be finished. Goodall’s field work revealed chimpanzees had personalities. They made and used tools. They ate meat.

The trick then and now is to protect their habitat, keep “progress” from stealing their home. Louder voices need to provide firm promises to the chimpanzees. Are we willing to sacrifice a species for industrial development? I hope not.

I didn’t speak to a problem first noted 50 years ago. I just got on board 46 years ago, but I respect the animal’s

status, their right to live free of fear from man, their right to old age and younger successors to fill their positions.

Isn’t that what man wants: to live to old age in our communities without fear —not from American men or Korean men? I want my grandchildren and their children to follow me in loving this community. They will graduate from high school, college, and then I hope some will return to see how they can help Ekalaka.

Nursing students are needed for the future of our clinic and nursing home. Doctors could replace Baker’s staff and oversee the Ekalaka facility. Business students could work in the courthouse and others run for Mayor, County Commissioners or other county elected positions.

Greybeard was the older adult male chimpanzee named in Goodall’s first field observations. He, hopefully, lived a long life.

P.S. I seem to remember Emmett Jones’ home was said to contain decades of National Geographic magazines. Whatever became of them? I hope they were saved by the Library.


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