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    James Kapptie, Ekalaka Public Schools Superintendent|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    School security is a concern for everyone, no matter the size of the school or its location, whether in a bustling city or a small town. One of the most common reasons parents cite is wanting their students to have cell phones during the school day "just in case." Let's explore what a catastrophic day might look like. An event happens, perhaps an attack or natural disaster. Parents immediately want to know if THEIR child is okay. We want to know their location and, most...

  • Kapptie's Korner

    James Kapptie, Ekalaka Public Schools Superintendent|Updated Jul 4, 2024

    The technology behind creating active brain responses has been cultivated for years. Consider gambling: the "near miss" phenomenon has been well-researched and discussed. This phenomenon was the precursor to many elements we see in today's cell phone technology Think back to a game where you battled back and forth, narrowly losing in the final seconds. What details can you remember about that day, the game, and afterward? Now compare it to a moment where you or your team crush...

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    James Kapptie|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Summer's Here, School's Not Far Behind! With the sun shining and summer in full swing, the new school year is already on our minds at Ekalaka Schools. We're gearing up for an exciting year and have some important updates to share with you! Athletics Program Updates: Running our athletics program is a significant investment, much like feeding students, which alone costs $12,000 annually for our athletes. With rising costs for officials and the challenges of bringing officials...

  • Kapptie's Korner

    James Kapptie|Updated May 23, 2024

    As I embark on my second adventure in Ekalaka, I am filled with excitement and appreciation for the many wonderful aspects of Montana and Carter County. My primary goal is to enhance communication with parents and the community. Community engagement is crucial to our school's continued success, and I am dedicated to building on our achievements while addressing areas for growth. I recognize that school cannot follow a one-size-fits-all model. To better prepare our students...