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  • We can lower the cost of medication in Montana. Here's how.

    multiple authors|Updated Jan 17, 2019

    by Matt Rosendale, Dr. Al Olszewski, Kristin Hansen Everyone agrees that the high cost of prescription medications is a huge issue, but there hasn’t been a serious attempt to solve the problem in Montana. We’re changing that by bringing forward legislation we estimate will save Montanans about $8 million in the first year alone. Allow us to explain. Prescriptions make up about 20 percent of health care costs, and they’re one of the fastest-growing cost drivers in health care. While there are many reasons for this, a prima...

  • Letter to the editor

    multiple authors|Updated Nov 15, 2018

    To the citizens of Ekalaka, As members of the Town Council, we would like to keep the public informed of the status regarding Mormon Avenue. We realize that the condition of Mormon continues to be a concern. We have explored several options in how to repair the road so that it remains cost effective, but no final solutions have been reached. This is due to, but not limited to, money, our remote location, lack of accessible resources, man power and road equipment. At the November 7 meeting, a motion was made to have the...

  • 4-H volunteer recognition

    multiple authors|Updated Apr 26, 2018

    by Elin Kittelmann, County Agent; Kodie Olsen, 4-H Program Assistant National Volunteer Appreciation Week has come and gone, but success of local 4-H programs is a result of the dedication of leaders throughout the year. Over the last month, employees at the extension office have taken time to reflect on how valuable local 4-H leaders are. They have built successful 4-H programs in both Carter and Fallon Counties. They have had a positive impact on area youth and have helped...


    multiple authors|Updated Apr 19, 2018

    by Sherry Farwell, Ned Summers & Marguerite Goeders Rozelle ENTERTAINMENT Prior to any central human-made facilities in Sykes-Belltower, socialization within the community was restricted primarily to those events that could be held at individual homes or outdoor locations during the summer. An invitation to someone's home was highly regarded as an important opportunity to dress up for both the sharing of meals and conversations, known collectively as "visiting" your...


    multiple authors|Updated Mar 29, 2018

    by Sherry Farwell, Ned Summers & Marguerite Goeders Rozelle POST OFFICES & STORES The U.S. Mail, its post offices, and its mail routes were paramount in an era when mail was the sole method of contact with the world external to one's immediate neighborhood. Likewise, community-based general stores were essential places where people could purchase critical supply items, sell their local farm products such as cream, eggs, poultry, and garden produce, and visit with people other...


    multiple authors|Updated Mar 15, 2018

    by Sherry Farwell, Ned Summers & Marguerite Goeders Rozelle TOWN OF BELLTOWER, MT The early settlers of Sykes-Belltower were able to use their imaginations because during the early 1900's, the Northern Great Plains was just being developed and there were few if any established boundary conditions regarding what was possible. In the minds of these early dreamers, their community had the opportunity to become one of central significance to the region, the state, and the nation....


    multiple authors|Updated Mar 1, 2018

    by Sherry Farwell, Ned Summers & Marguerite Goeders Rozelle THE HOMESTEADER HISTORY OF THE SYKES-BELLTOWER "SURVIVORS" CURRY: Joe Curry was born in Missouri in 1874 and his father (Robert) died in 1878 from lingering wounds received during the Civil War. An attractive lass named Ada Short caught Joe's eye and they were married in 1899. Joe got tired of working in coal mines for minimal pay at various locations in Missouri. After communicating with their Harrington family...


    multiple authors|Updated Feb 15, 2018

    by Sherry Farwell, Ned Summers & Marguerite Goeders Rozelle THE HOMESTEADER HISTORY OF THE SYKES-BELLTOWER "SURVIVORS" The U.S. Census of 1910 contains just a few recognizable family names of "Nesters" in the vicinity of Sykes-Belltower, e.g., Burditt, Sykes, Massingale, Sigler and Farwell. However, homesteading quickly increased the number of their neighbors. As noted earlier, the ranks of these neighbors were then thinned by severe weather events and The Depression. The...

  • Sykes-Belltower history continued (1909-1939)

    multiple authors|Updated Feb 1, 2018

    by Sherry Farwell, Ned Summers & Marguerite Goeders Rozelle GENERAL POPULATING AND DEPOPULATING FORCES The homesteading era within the Sykes-Belltower area had six major drivers: 1) The Enlarged Homestead Act of 1909 increased the maximum number of acres for a homestead from 160 to 320 acres in order to attract settlers into more marginal lands. 2) The initial 1885 U.S. Government survey in present day Carter County only established approximate township boundaries. An...

  • Sykes-Belltower history

    multiple authors|Updated Jan 4, 2018

    The major goal of the three authors (Sherry Farwell, Ned Summers, and Marguerite Goeders Rozelle) is to preserve the history of the Sykes-Belltower community by means of an accurate summary narrative. This narrative will be presented in multiple published parts and will focus on the years from 1865-1965. PART I (1865-1908) GENERAL GEOGRAPHIC AREA The Sykes-Belltower area lies within central Carter County, Montana but has no definite boundaries. In general, the Sykes-Belltower...

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