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Students receive awards and letters

Awards and letters given this year to students from Ekalaka Public Schools included:

Heroic 7 Award - Tanner Fix

New Inductees into the William C. Rowley Chapter of National Honor Society - Kimberlee Elmore, Caleb Fix, Tori Tooke

Junior High Honor Roll Certificates - Brennen Bonsell, Katy Ivy, Mya Rios, Darin Schallenberger, Kenzie Tooke, Turner Tooke, Seth Kennedy, Kari Kittelmann, Tylee Loehding, Jared Pardee, Ella Rucker, Ryan Rychner, Cole Schmid

Academic New Letters - Whitney Kittelmann, Wyatt Kittelmann, Hannah LaBree, Heather LaBree, Mick O’Connor, Rose Rychner

Academic Bars - Caleb Fix...


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