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4-H Shooting Sports success


March 16, 2018

Carter County 4-H Archery Youth

The Carter County 4-H Shooting Stars recently hosted a Postal Match in lieu of their fifth annual invitational shoot, which was canceled due to weather. There were 4-H youth from Carter, Custer, Fallon, Garfield, Prairie, Powder River, Dawson, Rosebud/Treasure, McCone, Beaverhead, Gallatin, Flathead and Wibaux Counties from Montana and Pennington County in South Dakota who participated. Numerous individuals and businesses in Carter, Garfield, and Fallon County offered their support to the youth involved in the shooting sports program. The event would not have been possible without all the volunteers and the community support!

Carter County 4-H Shooting Sports leaders started this invitational five years ago because all other 4-H Shooting Sports competitions were on the western side of the state. They thought there would be an interest and the opportunity to host one on the eastern side. It turned out that there was tremendous support from other 4-H Shooting Sports programs as well as from the 4-H Center in Bozeman. This event is a great opportunity for 4-H members to practice in a competitive setting before the State Shoot in Bozeman, which is held the first weekend in March. All youth that competed are a part of their local 4-H Shooting Sports program and have been practicing and learning proper safety procedures throughout the fall and winter. Youth competed in air pistol, air rifle, and archery. The majority of the youth were between 9 and 12 years old, but there were also some very competitive shooters in older age divisions.

Carter County Shooting Stars are looking forward to next year's invitational and growing and improving the 4-H Shooting Sports program in Southeastern Montana.

4-H Shooting Sports is the most popular project in Montana, closely follow by livestock projects. 4-H Shooting Sports project help youth learn firearm safety, positive youth development, and life skills. It also is a great opportunity to build youth-adult partnerships. Shooting Sports competitions are intended to provide a friendly learning atmosphere and to promote the 4-H spirit. For more information about 4-H Shooting Sports or the local 4-H program contact your Fallon/ Carter County Extension Office. (406) 778-7110.

5th Annual Carter County 4-H Shooting Stars Invitational winners

Air Rifle: 62 Youth

9-12 Year Old Division

1. Adison Gamble (Rosebud/Treasure Co.) 233, X2

2. Lily Harris (Rosebud/Treasure Co.) 216, X2

3. Breelyn McCaffree (Rosebud/Treasurer Co.) 212, X1

4. Danica Gamble (Rosebud/Treasure Co.) 184, X1

5. Paige Shaw (Custer Co.) 169

13-14 Year Old Division

1. Levi Stanton (Garfield Co.) 259

2. Erica Berger (Garfield Co.) 244, X2

3. Walker Colvin (Garfield Co.) 235

4. Royce Tooke (Rosebud/Treasure Co.) 226, X4

5. Raelynn Haggem (Garfield Co.) 222

15-19 Year Old Division

1. Faye Stanton (Garfield Co.) 268

2. Shelby Colvin (Garfield Co.) 247

3. Taylor Murnion (Garfield Co.) 243

4. Talya Fletes (McCone Co.) 240, X3

5. Siera Murnion (Garfield Co.) 231

Top Rifle Team: Garfield & Rosebud/Treasure

Top Overall Rifle Shooter: Faye Stanton (Garfield)

Most X's: Royce Tooke (Rosebud/Treasure Co.)

Air Pistol: 15 Youth

9-12 Year Old Division

1. Cole Rehm (Custer Co.) 314

2. Kane Olsen (Fallon Co.) 300, X3

3. Cole Rost (Fallon Co.) 297, X1

13-14 Year Old Division

1. Talen Miller (Custer Co.) 248

2. Cadence Blankenship (Custer Co.) 237

3. Donnie Steen (Fallon Co.) 204

15-19 Year Old Division

1. Garren Todoroff (Custer Co.) 228

Top Pistol Team: Fallon Co.

Top Overall Pistol Shooter: Cole Rehm (Custer Co.)

Most X's: Kane Olsen (Fallon Co.)

Adult Archery Fun Shoot: 8 Adults

1. Brad Roberts (Flathead Co.) 297, X12

2. Camille Laughery (Carter Co.) 290, X5

3. Robin Wienmeister (Rosebud/Treasure Co.) 289, X10

4. Jason Arithson (Powder River Co.) 283, X9

Archery: 69 Youth

Bare Bow 9-10 Year Old Division

1. Katie Johnson (Beaverhead Co.) 215

2. Decker Engesser (Beaverhead Co.) 203, X2

3. Waylon Brown (Beaverhead Co.) 159

4. Ellie Weldon (Beaverhead Co.) 158

Bare Bow 11-12 Year Old Division

1. Haylee Brown (Beaverhead Co.) 227

2. Athena Diaz (Beaverhead Co.) 214

3. Oliveah Schaffer (Powder River Co.) 185, X1

4. Tyler Gibson (Beaverhead Co.) 184, X1

Bare Bow 13-14 Year Old Division

1. Garrett Johnson (Wibaux Co.) 195

2. Tristen Setzer (Beaverhead Co.) 152, X1

Bare Bow 15-19 Year Old Division

3. Skyler Birnel (Wibaux Co.) 178, X2

Bow Hunter 9-10 Year Old Division

1. Samantha Roberts (Flathead Co.) 236, X2

2. Kalob Bollinger (Fallon Co.) 228

3. Chance Follmer (Fallon Co.) 223

4. Clancy Setzer (Beaverhead Co.) 222, X2

Bow Hunter 11-12 Year Old Division

1. Cassie Chambliss (Pennington, SD) 274, X5

2. Mandie Chambliss (Pennington, SD) 270, X2

3. Sean Wolenetz (Carter Co) 266, X5

4. Cardell Laughery (Carter Co.) 255, X1

Bow Hunter 13-14 Year Old Division

1. Garrett Johnson (Wibaux Co.) 291, X14

2. Dillon Birnel (Wibaux Co.) 287, X9

3. Tristen Setzer (Beaverhead Co.) 276, X3

4. Kaydin Trent (Powder River Co.) 275, X5

Bow Hunter 15-19 Year Old Division

1. Kyleigh Bonsell (Carter Co.) 280, X5

Limited 9-10 Year Old Division

1. Becca Aye (Powder River Co.) 162

2. David Hecker (Wibaux Co.) 135, X1

3. Gus Tvedt (Wibaux Co.) 75

Limited 13-14 Year Old Division

1. Lea Aye (Powder River Co.) 206

Unlimited 15-19 Year Old Division

1. Jorden Jensen (Powder River Co) 293, X13

Olympic Recurve 11-12 Year Old Division

1. Athena Diaz (Beaverhead Co.) 202

Olympic Recurve 13-14 Years Old Division

1. Trapper Doering (Beaverhead Co.) 241, X2

Primitive 9-10 Year Old Division

1. Trevin Lecoe (Fallon Co) 156

2. Reuben Kinzer (Powder River Co.) 132

3. Austin Gaub (Fallon Co.) 105

Primitive 11-12 Year Old Division

1. Haylee Brown (Beaverhead Co.) 240, X2

Rosebud/Treasure County Archery Youth

2. Kane Olsen (Fallon Co.) 120

3. Anthony Rio (Fallon Co.) 112

Primitive 13-14 Year Old Division

1. Trapper Doering (Beaverhead Co.) 214, X2

2. Sidyn Scherman (Fallon Co.) 138

Primitive 15-19 Year Old Division

1. Jorden Jensen (Powder River Co.) 155

Top Archery Team: Powder River

Top Shooter: Jordan Jensen (Powder River Co.)

Most X's : Garrett Johnson (Wibaux Co.)


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