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December 14, 2018

I have a crazy idea, I am a crazy idea sort of guy. Anyway, you know how we used to have several news columns from various parts of the county. Now we are down to Capitol News. How about having a news column about people who used to live in Ekalaka, but live somewhere else now, like me. I talked to Eric about it and he was willing to try it, but is skeptical whether we would get enough news to make it worthwhile. So am I.

I would write it unless someone else wanted to do it. Obviously, people would have to give permission for their names and news to be used. People would have to communicate with me or I would have to call them with their permission and ask about what is happening with them that is newsworthy. If this is done, I would like it to be for all ages, not just the folks that I know. Maybe I can get to know others.

Some people don’t like for their name to be in the paper so this would not be for them. What would be a good name for this column? What do you think? I posted a very similar message on Facebook, but not everyone is on Facebook. Write me at: Bill Lavell, 7124 18th St, Rio Linda, CA 95673, call me at 916-468-6492, or e-mail me at [email protected].

My suggestion is to call it either Ekalaka Alumni or Ekalaka Emigrants. If this is to work, people will have to communicate with me and if anyone else is willing to write it or to fill in writing it, please volunteer. I am so glad to see that since I first wrote this, another news column is appearing in the Eagle. I have had a lot of things happen since I first started writing this. I will write another story about that.

Thank you all,

Bill Lavell


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