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We have a new grocery store!


February 15, 2019

After Mainstreet Market burned down, people were suddenly forced to drive the 35 miles to Baker, or farther if they lived out of town, to get most groceries. We relied on lists and hoped not to forget anything. If we missed anything, we generally lived without it, or asked someone to pick up our forgotten treasure when they were shopping. A local woman who worked in Baker even offered to pick up orders people would make from Reynolds when she returned home most days of the week.

Now, with the new Branson Grocery open just down the street from us, Brice can walk for small purchases, or take the pickup for bigger loads. They were still filling shelves when he made his first trip, just an exploratory visit. As the store’s inventory continues to build, it will no longer be necessary to leave town for many basic items.

My parents, living in Kansas years ago, answered a smaller town’s request and converted a former bank building to a one room grocery store. If people went out of town to buy groceries, they had an entire community to answer to!

The store opened early each day, when my dad got up, and closed late in the evening. If someone needed something when the store wasn’t open, they just called and mom would let them in.

My parents were filling shelves when I visited and tried to paint the store’s name on the front window. The A and B Mini-Market was being lettered by me when an old German man asked about me. He couldn’t understand how such a talented woman wasn’t married. Well, that was taken care of some five months later; the old man and I just needed to be patient.

Now, the new store here begins its role as an important addition to the community. Welcome, Branson Grocery!


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