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Truck wreck shuts down Highway 212


February 22, 2019

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Military projectiles were detonated in a field near Hammond last Monday after a wreck involving multiple trucks occurred on Highway 212.

A wreck involving three trucks on Highway 212 last Sunday near Hammond resulted in traffic being shut down until the following evening. The incident happened at around 9 p.m., during a ground blizzard with strong winds and blowing snow which likely were factors.

Two of the trucks blocked both lanes of the highway. The third ended up well off the road after the driver attempted to avoid the first collision and went into the ditch.

One of the trucks that was blocking traffic was carrying fertilizer. The other was carrying military projectiles which scattered out during the crash.

The 70 pound projectiles, while not considered dangerous, delayed removal of the damaged trucks as the U.S. Air Force had to travel to the scene and take an inventory. Snow alongside the road and debris from the wreck made finding all of them difficult. Only after all of the projectiles had been accounted for were the trucks allowed to be moved.

Air Force personnel then took the projectiles into a nearby field where they were blown up since some of them were damaged and unsuitable for transport.

According to reports from the incident, no one involved in the crash was seriously injured.


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