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Days of '85 rodeo results


Barrel Racing

1st: Erin Williams

2nd: Maddie Jacobson

3rd: Jackie VanVleet

4th: Brianna Williams

5th: Ava Reno

6th: Kaeley Hutchison

Ladies Breakaway

1st: Shayla Howell

2nd: Katy Negaard

3rd: Meza Ham

4th: Kaycee Monnens

5th: Jackie VanVleet

6th: Brooklyn Williams

Team Roping

1st: Corben Fisher and Maclain Cathey

2nd: Zane Thompson and Zane Williams

3rd: Jessica Holmes and Joe Painter

4th: Gracy Gilbert and Matt Gilbert

5th: Andy Selle and Don Selle

6th: Kayla Williams and Wrye Williams

Steer Wrestling

1st: Shawn Hanley

2nd: Tenadore Kittelmann

3rd: Andy Selle

Ranch Bronc Riding



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