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April 10, 2020

Dear fellow Montanans,

I am Jerry Schillinger, Republican candidate for House District 37. My Great Granddad moved his family from Northern Iowa to McCone County in 1910 to help his large family pursue their dreams of owning their own farms. We have been blessed over the years to have hard work, persistence and innovation rewarded. My wife Carol and I raised our sons here in McCone County where they attended school. We are thankful our oldest son Brett and his wife Haley are able to farm with us and are raising our four grandchildren on the farm north of Circle. Alex and his wife Carmen just recently blessed us with a new grandson where they reside in Helena. Unfortunately, we lost our youngest son Paul in 2010 in a pickup wreck at the tender age of just 17.

Besides being active in farm organizations, including serving as President of the Northern Pulse Growers Association, I have been active in community events and have been a member of our local medical center board for over 30 years. I have been fortunate to have been at the forefront of innovations in conservation farming and helping bring the pulse crop revolution to Eastern Montana.

You might ask, why run for the legislature? Not an easy decision to be sure. It really boils down to some pretty simple facts: I'm a conservative and have become increasingly disappointed in our representatives that say they are conservative, then go to Helena and join forces with liberal governors to grow government, raise taxes, increase regulations and reduce freedom. Generations have sacrificed much to give us the freedoms and opportunities for which I am especially grateful. If elected, I am committed to upholding the traditions and values that made and make America great: protecting our constitution, standing up for life and protecting our right to own property.

With your support and vote I will work hard as your representative to uphold the values and traditions we hold dear in Eastern Montana. These values are what make Montana a great place to live and do business in the future. It is my fervent desire and commitment that our children, grandchildren and beyond can continue to have the opportunities and freedoms that have been our blessing here in America!

You can contact me by e-mail [email protected], cell 974-2478, and find me on Facebook, Jerry Schillinger for HD 37.


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