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Puptown Invitational Roping results

Twenty headers and twenty heelers battled at Ekalaka Track & Arena on Sunday in this year's Puptown Invitational Round Robin Roping. Results from the roping are posted below.

1st Place Header (saddle winner): John Teigen

2nd Place Header: Justin Collins

3rd Place Header: Kevin Rahn

4th Place Header: Ty Larson

5th Place Header: Don Selle

1st Place Heeler (saddle winner): Preston Novak

2nd Place Heeler: Andy Selle

3rd Place Heeler: Zane Williams

4th Place Heeler: Shawn Bessette

5th Place Heeler: Jim Howell

Round 5/6 Fast Time Header: Ty Larson

Round 5/6 Fast Time Heeler: Paul Hofer

Round 10/11 F...


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