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More on the Anton Quam family


November 6, 2020

My last article tells of Mrs. Quam, and of the letters she and Ruth received while the four boys were in the service.

Now I would like to give you readers more history and information on this family and as stated, seven children were born-- six boys and one girl. Ruth the daughter, wrote the Shifting Scenes article and has an article in the April 8, 1960 Ekalaka Eagle. I am going to use information from both.

"Arthur, oldest son, was born in Deadwood and came to Montana as a baby. He never married and spent most of his life on the ranch. He passed away on February 13, 1975."

"Carl, born on the ranch, spent four years in the military during World War II, serving active duty in the south west Pacific. Carl married Norma Nickerson of Waupun, Wisconsin and they lived on the Ernest Sjoblom place. Norma passed away in December of 1969 and Carl married Gloria Vande Kolk of Waupun, Wisconsin. Carl passed away on April 29, 1975."

Oscar was born on the ranch. He spent most of his life on the ranch and was married to Anges Parks.

Sigurd was born on the ranch, spent his early years there and also served in the military. He worked and settled near Fairbury, Nebraska marrying Ellen Dunlay of Orleans, Nebraska. They had four daughters.

"Frank and Francis were twins born on the ranch, and both saw service in World War II. Frank was killed in the South Pacific battle and is buried in the U.S. National Cemetery in the Philippines. Francis (Bun) saw almost four years of military service in the European theatre, returning thereafter to Ekalaka to the family ranching business until his untimely death in 1975 from cancer.

Ruth was born on the ranch, lived and worked in the Ekalaka area and was married to Luther (Lute) T. Waterland of the Capitol area and who was sheriff of Carter County at the time of his death in 1950. They had a son, Luther Quam Waterland. Ruth later married Trygve Berg of Hettinger, N.D. All of the children, except Arthus, were graduates of Carter County High School.

Now a side line of interest: As the articles state-- "all were born at the ranch."

"Shifting Scenes Vol. II" has an article on Earl and Bessie Pickering which has the following report on their Carter County homestead lives. I quote the following as written by Mrs. Pickering:

"Two children were born of this union. Warren Yale first born and only son arrived in the middle of a very bad blizzard February 8, 1916. Earl started for the doctor in the middle of the night on horseback, but became lost, gave his horse the reins and "Old Buck" took him home. In the meantime Tony Quam, a neighbor, also lost in the storm and ended up at the Pickering place. When Earl arrived home he already had a son with the assistance of Tony and the "midwife". The doctor was never reached."

After reading this report, I have a question for you. Did Tony Quam deliver his own children?? None of the articles seem to say.

Let's finish with information on Tony and Marie from the Scenes:

"After the death of Marie Quam, in 1958, Anton Quam married Edna Glenn of Williston, North Dakota in 1961. She preceded him in death in December of 1969.

Anton Quam lived to be almost 89 years old, passing away on July 4, 1974, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Trygve Berg in Ekalaka.

Trust you have enjoyed (as I have) the articles on the Tony Quam family as it brings back some precious memories.


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