First grade Santa Letters


December 25, 2020

Dear Santa,

Thank you. I need a fan for my room. I want a fox car.

Thank You, Cooper Livingston

Dear Santa,

I would liik a huvr bord...and a skat bord. And a lite savr

Masa Hammel

Dear Santa,

Ples can i go to the north pole? Can i ples get a bunny

Thank You, Kimber Ross

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. May I have 11 barbes. And Choklit please. Can I please have 8 lol dolls?

Thank you, Leilynni Bennet

Dear Santa,

How many reindeer do you have? I wot a horse toy?

Thank you, Rose Rost

Dear Santa,

I want a room with a Broko. How is roodof?

Your friend, Max Phelps

Dear Santa,

How may rendeer...

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