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February 12, 2021

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong resident and tax payer in Carter County I found the information from the staff of Dahl Memorial and the County Commissioners very informative. I have always found the staff at the hospital very competent and am very thankful for their help many times. Unfortunately there is so much information that is never known. Last years virus has hit everyone, disrupted lives and made it extremely difficult for the health care workers. It was good to know how they have dealt with it all.

The commissioners were also handed a lot to deal with. It was good to hear from them also. I personally would like to see the commissioner meeting minutes published in the local paper. I never have seen a reason why they couldn't publish the minutes as the town council does. Since our new administration has decided to "Go Green" and has put a damper on a number of sources of income, I am sure a number of us are concerned about money to pay for all of our county needs.


Madlon Brence


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