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A great passenger!

Hello God, it's me, Mara:

You know, Lord, us four gals buzzed along, heading to a meeting, several shared a surprising thought. Patty said 'I'm not sure how HE got there, but Jesus is in my car, well, not Jesus Himself, but a card with His picture on it. Hubby thought that maybe a worker may have put it there during my car inspection. I don't care how He got there, actually, having Jesus riding on my console has changed my life!'

Sally spoke up, said she also has a picture; 'It's a close-up of Jesus's face. His hair is long and shining, His eyes are looking toward heaven'. Then she added, 'Somedays, I think He's looking right at me! Each day, I get in my car, put on my seat belt, start the engine, and glance to my right, at Jesus.'

Dinna added a note; 'I also have Jesus' picture in my car on the console, so while I'm driving, I might have to think twice before I shake my fist at the guy who cut me off or mutter unkind words at others not driving right. If I'm late, and exceed the speed limit. I glance to my right, I see Jesus looking at me, I slow down.'

We giggled, as all four of us just HAPPENED to have Jesus riding along with us; knowing that Jesus is with each one of us, every minute of every day, no matter where we may be going. Patty added, 'That visual reminder of His constant presence gives me peace and comfort; makes every day a better day for me – how do you feel about Jesus riding along with you?'

We thanked HIM, right then and there, remembering Matt. 28:20, "... and be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Thank You, Lord, that someone made pictures of YOU for us!

Love Mara


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