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  • Montana lawmakers seek more information about governor's HEART fund

    Keely Larson, KHN-UM Legislative News Service|Updated Feb 9, 2023

    Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte’s Healing and Ending Addiction Through Recovery and Treatment fund has spent $5.2 million since 2021. With a proposed increase, providers and lawmakers alike want to tap into the money. A fund championed by Gov. Greg Gianforte to fill gaps in Montana’s substance use and behavioral health treatment programs has spent $5.2 million since last year as the state waits for an additional $19 million in federal funding. Now, the Republican governor wants to put more state money into the Healing and End...

  • Tracking eastern Montana's silent firestarters

    Keely Larson,|Updated Aug 25, 2022

    Last summer, wildfires burned half of John Bailey's 25,000-acre ranch in Rosebud County. With much of his pasture up in smoke, Bailey had to purchase hay to help feed his cattle. He says he spent about $90,000 on hay this past winter as a result of drought and fires in 2021. He also had to replace fencing and change his herds' grazing patterns to accommodate the burns, an expense of time and money. "Oh my God, I thought I'd never have to deal with this in my lifetime again,"...

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