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New pool finances

New Pool Finances as of January 11, 2018:

New Pool Committee Funds $107,872.43

Town of Ekalaka New Pool Funds $64,244.44

Lions Club has obligated $11,945.20

Meadowlark Club has obligated $12,003.06


Fish/Wildlife/Parks Grant $150,000.00

OneOk Grant $10,000.00

OneOk Match (as of 11/16/2017) $15,000.00


Total $371,065.10

Less Bid Cost of New Pool ($690,050.00)

Estimated Amount Still Needed $318,984.90

Funds are still gaining with an increase of $37,600.00 since November, 2017! The pool raffle grossed over $1,300. Additionally, enough funds were raised t...


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