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Back to school

Hello God, it’s me, Mara:

It’s back to school for young and old, a happy day for some! Buy needed things, supplies and clothes, which is the rule of ‘thumb.’

They tackle fear which some kids have but most know school is fun! Good thoughts – good sleep; take it easy – then you’ll know that you’ve won!

School buses came to help parents, ‘round ‘bout 1915. Bright yellow was the ‘color’ choice, and ‘Keep the busses clean’. Imagine keeping cars off roads, some ‘millions’ every year! That sure saves folks some ‘bucks’ on gas – you almost hear them cheer!

Are ‘rules’ still taught like long ago – like right from wrong, obey? Kids need to learn ’rules’ to live by, to learn there’s one right way. Honesty counts, but that takes strength; ‘rewards’ are in the end. Do right, not wrong, know truth is best; we know Lord, You’re our friend!

There’s suffering, too, that’s part of life, for both the young and old, Life’s hazardous and difficult; we need God’s hand to hold. Self-discipline is a good thing, better than aimlessness, where love is lost and blessings missed and dear friends make a fuss.

Lacking purpose, shameless and lost, did parents spare the rod[1]? ‘We’ need purpose; knowing we’re loved, and know we come from God. Examples help to pave the way – from Pa and Ma and school. Most little kids know right from wrong, and know the Golden Rule.

Discovering life is exciting though life down here’s not long. We go to school to learn wisdom, and practice ‘right’ not ‘wrong.’

Summer’s ending, the winds do blow as off to school ‘we’ go. There is a lot of work for everyone, so kids can learn and ’know’. In a few years our world may change, as knowledge does extend. Have fun in school, study and learn, know aimlessness will end.

Love, Mara

[1] Proverbs 13:24 “He that spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly.”


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