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Being thankful


November 15, 2019

Hello God, it’s me, Mara:

You know, Lord, what would we like to thank You for on this day that You have made for us? We’re thankful for the many blessings and ‘gifts’ that You give us, including family and friends. How fun to hear ‘kids’ laugh and giggle, sharing their day, expressing some things that they’re thankful for. Five ‘helpers’ shared: ‘Bonita’ told about noticing her car’s dash light referring to a tire. She was so glad that she just ‘happened’ to be near the tire shop. Long story – short, the tire repairman found a nail – fixed the tire in no time - she was on her way.

Another friend, ‘Gilly’, told about being able to buy a much-needed new mattress; then along came her Mom with a beautiful quilt that she’d just made. ’Gilly’ was ever so very thankful - for both gifts. At ‘school’, several gals were chatting about their favorite things, so when asked, what they were thankful for, ‘B.J.’ didn’t hesitate a moment: “I LOVE animals, all kinds of animals, my horse, my dog, my three kitty cats…” – she named a few more special pets. Another gal, ‘Avary’ - just smiled and kept on drawing, then said; “I am thankful that ‘teacher’ lets me draw when I’ve finished my homework and I’m thankful that you help me do it, too,” she giggled and kept on drawing. ‘Kaeden’- another 3rd grader was busy doing ‘homework’, but when asked what he was thankful for, he hesitated a moment, then giggling, then said: “FOOD!” He paused, then added, “Oh, I’m thankful for my friends, too.” He looked around, then said, “OH! I’m very thankful for my family! YES! Food, Friends AND FAMILY!”

Lord, we remember Psalm 107: 21: “Let them give thanks [praise] to the LORD for His loving kindness and for all of His wonderful deeds!” Thank YOU, Lord!

Love, Mara


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