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Reed Klass

Ryan OConnell

Hi, I'm Ryan, the strange guy you may have seen walking around town recently. Eric offered an internship at The Ekalaka Eagle this summer, and my application was accepted. He's going to show me the "news biz" as it may or not be referred to as (I have no idea). If all goes to plan, I will complete a journalism degree from the University of Montana this December.

If you see me wandering around, please introduce yourself. Here is my favorite joke:

Three beekeepers are at a beekeeping convention. The first says, "I have 10,000 bees in 10 hives." The second says, "Well, I have 15,000 bees in 15 hives." The third says, "I have 20,000 bees in two hives."

The two other keepers are incredulous and one asks, "you have 20,000 bees in two hives?"

"Yeah," replies the third keeper, "forget 'em, they're just bees."


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