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Spring cleaning, summer buying


Ryan OConnell

Hank and Marcia Leffingwell take a break during Saturday's Community Wide Garage Sale. The event was sponsored by Carter County Chamber of Commerce.

When Hank Leffingwell woke up Saturday morning, he didn't think he would be up against a swarm. "They hit us like a bunch of piranhas," he said.

The Community Wide Garage Sale was a quick success for the Leffingwells, who say they were able to sell their big ticket items right away.

Most sellers were pleased with the turnout and a couple of the more rural sellers were surprised at the amount of people they'd had. A couple sellers were disappointed in the foot traffic, especially compared to past years when the Bump-N-Run was scheduled for the same day and attracted out-of-town buyers.

Good or bad, the sellers made the most of it. Lance Barrere tried a new tactic this year: name your own price. On two tables he had unpriced knickknacks along with a donation jar with dollars and a couple fives. "Anything's better than just throwing it away," Barrere said.

Ryan OConnell

Lance Barrere

Across Ekalaka was a stereo system and a fire pit, a snow shovel and a power shovel. There were apple baskets and Easter baskets. A motorized meat grinder and a compound bow could be bought at one sale and a motorcycle helmet and a rifle at another. Books and clothes were garage sale staples, while the baked goods sale provided a deliciously uncommon stop.

The variety mixed with mystery and risk. Sandy McCord was only on her second garage when an angel caught her eye. "I like this angel," she said, "but I'm going to walk right by it."

There was plenty of time to come back, hopefully it would still be there.

Many sellers took the opportunity to relax in the shade and visit with neighbors. Lauren Manninen was sitting at her picnic table with a couple of friends, selling clothing, shoes and a heavy-duty GE juicer. Summing up the day, she said, "Just a lady cleaning out her closets."


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