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Dig a hole, fill it up

Documenting the 1865 Powder River Indian Expedition

Mountains towered up on either side... One in the distance was like a church with gable and steeple...

- 1865 diary of Lyman G. Bennett, civilian engineering officer

Sherry Farwell remembers his grandfather, George H. Farwell Sr., telling him of an old calvary camp he'd come across while riding his horse along Box Elder Creek in 1895. Farwell brushed the story off, content with being a child playing on his family's ranch. Now, he says, he should have listened better, asked more questions. For the last 10 years, he has been tracking down the ghosts of U.S. Cavalry and believes he has solved the...


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sfarwell writes:

It had been a year since I read Ryan's article. My rereading of his article confirmed my earlier conclusion. That is, Ryan did a remarkable job in assembling this article into a comprehensive narrative about my 1865 exploration and discovery project. I definitely tip my baseball cap to Ryan's writing skill! C1rc18