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Fair awards released


August 17, 2018

St. Onge Livestock auctioneered this year's livestock sale.

Becky Coisman Winners (Photography)

Laurel Kalbach, Heidi LaBree

Best of 3 Bread

Sharon Higgins, Nita Schallenberger

Gussie Richards Memorial

Libby Barth

Lillian Yates Award

Whitney Kittelmann

Grand Champion Awards

Jean Tronstad - Home Accessories

Sharon Higgins - Jellies

Heather LaBree - Horse, Showmanship, Market Beef

Heidi LaBree - Market Lamb, Dog Obedience, Dog Agility, Showmanship (3), Jr. Wood Craftsman

Hannah LaBree - Market Lamb, Horse Trail, Green Horse, Showmanship, Market Beef, Leather Craft

Alison Enos - Photography

Colyn Higgins - Horse (2), Showmanship (2), Rabbits, Jellies

Grafton Bonsell - Ag Education, Arcs & Sparks

Cord Olsen - Showmanship

Keenan McInerney - Market Rabbit, Meat Goat, Swine, Sheep

Tanner McInerney - Beef Breeding Stock (2)

Tucker DeFord - Showmanship

April DeFord - Dog

Sage DeFord - Beef, Horse Trail, Showmanship

Kane Olsen - Showmanship

Kathryn Brence - Jr. Photography

Emma Brence - Afghans

Kathy Malenovsky - Adult Sheaf Forage

Zoie Rost - Jr. Feeder Beef

Cole Rost - Breeding Poultry

Breanna Ulmer, market poultry

Jolyn Rost - Dairy Goat

Clay Rost - Dairy Goat, Showmanship

Bo Rost - Meat Breeding Goats, Breeding Poultry

Sean Wolenetz - Market Swine, Showmanship (3), Market Poultry, Breeding Poultry, Beef Breeding Stock, Breeding Sheep Showmanship

Corlan Laughery - Breeding Poultry

Jaden Pardee - Dog Agility

Lynnette Wolff - Photography

Laura Kalbach - Photography

Anne Fix - Horticulture

Doug Bonsell - Adult Woodworking


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