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April 17, 2020

J&J Guide Service owners Sue and Rich Schneider

The coronavirus has brought out the worst and the best in people. The worst seen by shoppers hoarding items, people ignoring stay at home orders, gathering in larger numbers. The best as seen in our own town where Eva & Michelle Grimes get groceries to help those who need it, and developed a game that gives customers something fun to make their day a little better.

Grace and Chris Jardee work so hard to help supply folks with food items they may not be able to get otherwise. Dennis and Trish Bishop have picked up folks' grocery orders. All just to help their community. And then there are our restaurants and grocery store delivering to those who might be at risk to go out to get needed items.

J&J Guide Service owners Sue and Rich Schneider are encouraging the residents of Carter County to shop locally - at restaurants, grocery, hardware, boutiques and all the other small businesses that are available in our county.

Starting Saturday, April 18 and continuing through Saturday, May 2, each time you shop locally we invite you to notify us by text or email. We will then enter your name EACH time into a drawing for a large basket filled with many fun gifts to help get anyone through this stay at home time. Just a few of the gifts included:

• Bath & Body Works Liquid Soap

• Divisible Man - 4 books from author Howard Seaborne

• 2 stainless steel water bottles

• Hot chocolate

• Cheddar potato soup mix

Gift basket

• And we will support our favorite Girl Scout, Cordelia, and have some yummy cookies in the basket!

• Plus lots more surprises! More being added daily!

Text Sue at 715-820-0968 or email at [email protected] with the date you shopped, where you shopped, your name and a contact phone number. This contest is for adults over age 18. The more shopping you do, the more entries you get! Thank you for shopping locally. We sure appreciate having these places here!

As a reminder - during this time that the long-term care facility is closed it's more important to call or send cards to our residents. They are feeling the effects of not getting to see their friends and loved ones. And who doesn't like to get mail! Thank you for thinking of them.


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