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Dear Editor,

I am writing to recommend a couple of men who were great Legislators and would now like to serve Montana in a different capacity.

One of these men is Senator Scott Sales. Scott is the only person in Montana history who was picked by his peers to serve as both Speaker of the House and President of the Senate. He served as President of the Senate for both sessions that I was in the Senate. One thing I can say from that experience is that Scott was one of the purest voters I’ve known, he was firm, yet he was fair to everyone. Scott understands the place of government and that government shouldn’t overburden its citizens. So, I would highly recommend Scott Sales as our next Secretary of State.

The other man, a “farm kid” from Eastern Montana, is Austin Knudsen. Austin was the youngest person to serve as Speaker of the House and he was effective enough that his peers elected him to be Speaker twice. Austin was also a great voter and understands governments place. Austin would serve us well as the next Montana Attorney General.

I would recommend you vote in the Republican Primary for Scott Sales for Montana Secretary of State and Austin Knudsen for Montana attorney General.

For Freedom,

Senator Steve Hinebauch


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