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Beverly Earlene Heckman (Gundlach)

Beverly was born in Ekalaka on August 23, 1931. She was the 8th child of 14 children to George and Frances (Garcia) Gundlach. Her early years were spent near Opechee Park and later her family moved down the road to the old Jones' Place. Beverly enjoyed her growing up with her large family of brothers and sisters. They had many adventures.

When Beverly was 4 years old, she would sneak off to country school with her brothers and sisters. After a few too many trips by her mom, the teacher told her, "you might as well let her stay, because she is doing all the work anyway." That began her school c...


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EkalakaTom writes:

She was one of the many siblings that overcame circumstances to become an [over-]achiever. BTW--It was probably the infamous 'Wyoming Winter of '48' that extended into SE Montana that led to her isolation while teaching. People in Wyoming still remember it; there is a Wyoming PBS about that year. Surviving that was a testament to their survival skills. She was one of those.

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