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Merry Christmas & Happy & Prosperous New Year

Dear Friends, Neighbors & Clients,

I do a very poor job of sending cards, so will pen this letter in summary of the past year.

We at Mills Auction Service set out on a new venue in January to do four shows and then follow up with an auction for each.

January saw the Western Show in Broadus, followed by the Indian Artifact show in February. The Military and April quilt shows were cancelled because of Covid19.

The Spring (April) Community and Feldman Ranch Auction were victims as well.

In May the Western Memorabilia & rescheduled Feldman Ranch Auction were once again shut down.

We were able to hold our first auction in Broadus May 22 and then finally were able to do a Feldman’s in Wibaux on June 6.

While we were shut down on auctions in March & April, we solicited funds for gravel on the road to the Boyes Cemetery and also for a much needed new fence.

WOW!! Did the Boyes Community, neighbors, friends, families far & wide dug deep in their pockets to make this project happen.

Myles Gardner built the new steel fence which was complete for Memorial Day as well as the gravel on the road.

I can’t thank everyone involved enough for their support of this project. A great country we live in and not a bad place to die.

Back to the auctions June 6, we finally held the Feldman Ranch Auction in Wibaux. The Amish Auction was held on June 20 in Ashland.

Wrye & I returned from a trip to Iowa on June 17. I was admitted to the Spearfish Hospital on the 18th for emergency surgery. I was dismissed June 28 only to return 3 days later. I was then released on the 7th of July.

I spent a few days each week for the next three months with Chemo Treatment through the Billings Clinic in Miles City.

Since mid July we have held auctions in Hysham, Ismay, Ekalaka, Belle Fourche, Broadus, Miles City, Ashland, Hulett, and Colony, Wyoming and the Powder River Co. Fair Livestock Auction.

I thank my family & crew: Harry Liss, K. Greslin, Terry & Susan Hupp & 8 more auctioneers for taking me up in my time of need plus Wrye, Wyatt, Beau, Darlynn & Justin & Charlee.

I thank all who have put their trust in Mills Auction Service and Mills Real Estate LLC to sell their personal property.

I apologize for the belated thank you to all our friends, family, neighbors and well wishers. The cards, letters, phone calls, and prayers, all help in recovery and mean so much to us. I’m certain we’ll make it around the corner.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

See you in 2021!!

Slug & Poppy Mills & Crew

Mills Auction Service

Mills Real Estate LLC


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