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Students receive awards and letters

Awards and letters given this year to students from Ekalaka Public Schools included:

Heroic 7 Award - Jared Pardee

National Choral Award - Amaya Coleman

John Philip Sousa Award - Tyra O’Connor

New inductees into the William C. Rowley Chapter of National Honor Society - Kenzie Tooke, Darin Schallenberger, Tyra O’Connor and Jaden Pardee.

Academic letters and bars are awarded to students who have been on the honor roll for three consecutive quarters during the school year.

This year’s recipients were:

Seventh grade certificates - Bella Jensen, Corlan Laughery, Chace Loehding, Wyatt Melton, Nasya O’Connor, Jace Pardee, Clay Rost, Maxton Williams, and Adlen Yates.

Eighth grade certificates - Nicole O’Connell, Travis Schallenberger, Kendra Tooke, Tegan Williams, and Tracy Wilson.

Freshman letters - Ryker Carroll, Natalie Foxley, Kendall Kittelmann, Brynn Loehding, and Jennifer Schmid.

Sophomore letters - Carly Aho and Greta Barrett.

Sophomore bars - Caiden Chavarria, Heidi LaBree, Codi Melton, Tyra O’Connor, and Jaden Pardee.

Junior bars - Brennan Bonsell, Katy Ivy, Darin Schallenberger, Kenzie Tooke, and Turner Tooke.

Senior letters - Jasmine Erickson and Brennan Graham.

Senior bars - Seth Kennedy, Kari Kittelmann, Tylee Loehding, Jared Pardee, Ella Rucker, and Ryan Rychner.


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