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A message from Mrs. Claus

It all began when a local teacher, Mr. Whitney, received a special delivery letter from Santa Claus at the North Pole. Santa asked if Mr. Whitney and his students could make a very special mailbox that would be used just for children to put letters to Santa into. This would ensure that Santa and his elves received the letters as soon as possible.

Mr. Whitney found the old mailbox in the school library, where it was being used as a book drop. He thought it would be perfect to get out of the way and re-purpose it. So, after a couple of coats of primer and some red paint, Mr. Whitney and his students managed to get it ready to decorate for the holidays.

Mrs. Walker and Ashley Conroe went to work with a vinyl cutter, cutting out Christmas decals. Kenzie Tooke thought that it needed a bow on top. The mailbox was placed downtown (in front of Stompin' Grounds) so that any child with a letter for Santa may come and drop it off. Don't try to watch for the elves who pick up the mail - they know when you are sleeping - and that's a great time to pick up the letters.

Santa Claus will be coming soon. Remember to be good all year long, help others, be kind, smile and say merry Christmas to everyone you greet.


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