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Denbury makes sizable donation to EPS


November 4, 2022

Ekalaka Public Schools Principal Brian Purnell accepts a donation from Denbury Resources employee Rusty Spencer for new shot clocks inside the CCHS gym.

Denbury Resources, Inc. of Baker recently made a generous donation of $5,000 to Ekalaka Public Schools for new shot clocks inside the CCHS gymnasium.

At its annual winter meeting back in January, the Montana High School Association approved a proposal to utilize shot clocks for high school basketball.

According to the proposal, MHSA noted four benefits of utilizing shot clocks:

• A shot clock would stop stalling in games and require teams to improve game management and strategy.

• The faster pace of the game would encourage player development and improvement.

• The quicker pace would improve the game experience for fans.

• Using a shot clock would better prepare student-athletes for the pace of the game at the college level.

The decision on whether or not to implement high school basketball shot clocks came down to a simple majority vote among the delegates at the meeting. Though most voted yes to the proposal, those against it were mostly opposed due to the cost of purchasing and installing the clocks.

In September, MHSA said it will allow some exceptions to its new shot-clock rule during the coming basketball seasons, but all gyms must be equipped with the technology by 2023-24.

The new shot clocks are already installed and ready for use at CCHS.

Based on the results of a shot clock survey sent to member schools recently, MHSA announced that gyms that do not have shot clocks installed this season must notify their opponents and MHSA but will still be able to host games played without the 35-second timer.

However, all postseason games are required to be played in gyms with shot clocks.

For the 2023-24 campaign, all games must be played in facilities with shot clocks. If schools do not have shot clocks installed by next season, they will not be able to host basketball games.

The district is extremely grateful for the contribution made by Denbury Resources.


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