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Snowy River CO2 Sequestration Project public meeting, Jan. 17

A public meeting for Carter County citizens regarding the Snowy River CO2 Project is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 17th at Carter County Events Center in Ekalaka.

The Bureau of Land Management announced a proposal to permanently store carbon dioxide in underground rock formations on public land in Carter County last year. The Denbury Carbon Solutions, LLC project would store carbon dioxide in more than 100,000 acres of subsurface pore space. The proposed area south and west of Ekalaka is locally known as the C and B Grazing District.

The BLM issued a policy update in June 2022...


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mbgregory70 writes:

Is it possible to get this on Zoom? Seems like you would want parties that can’t travel to that location to be included in the mass call-out. Thanks