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Last man standing

Last of Rehbein 15, last of Lambert class of ‘47

submitted by Julie Rehbein

courtesy of The Roundup

Fritz Rehbein is the thirteenth child from a family of 15, born in Lane, MT, Jan. 27, 1929. His parents are Alfred and Agnes Rehbein. Fritz's twin sister was born a little bit before he was. From this day forward, he came to say that 13 is his lucky number, and always "Ladies first!"

Fritz's mother would describe him as being a very independent child. He loved animals and ranch life at a young age. At age 3 he would help his older brothers do chores. He would jump on the calves to see how far he could ride them. Fritz started rodeoing in 1946. He was in his teens, competing against guys in their 20s and 30s. He held his own, winning here and there.

In 1958, he won the all-around in Terry, MT. Forty years later, his grandson, Joe Blankenship, won the all around in Terry. Fritz rode in Broadway, MT in 1971, along with his sons, Kurt; Kent; and his nephew, Bobby Rehbein. The last rodeo he entered was in 1978.

Fritz was raised and attended school in Lambert. He graduated in 1947, a class of 12.

Fritz met the love of his life, Ann Heiser, at St. Theresa's Catholic Church, in Lambert. Two years later, they were married at the same church. Fritz said he wanted to marry sooner but his dad would not sign for him. He had to wait until he was 21.

To this union eight children were born. Fritz and Ann were married for 68 years. They moved away from Lambert, MT, in 1973. To this day, when asked, "Where are you from?" Fritz will say, "Lambert, Montana. I live by Rozet, Wyoming, but I am from Lambert."

Fritz's big event of the year is going back to Lambert for the 4th of July celebration. At the last all-school reunion he won the award for being the oldest one there. He was 92.

Lambert's 4th of July celebration in 2023 was a great time for Fritz. He was very pleased with the float his goddaughter, Julie Rehbein, lined up for him. Fritz recently turned 95 on January 27.


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