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Letter to the editor

Last Monday, April 10th my grandchildren’s dog broke his lead and came in to town from where they live on Chalk Buttes Road. He was headed back home when his broken tie down was caught in the wood pile of Lance Barrere. Mr Barrere, hearing a commotion, went outside and he told me that the dog was whining and running in circles, probably trying to get loose, so he proceeded to shoot it with what he called rat shot.

He said it is non lethal but that the dog started whining louder and running in circles, probably because now not only was he scared, but in some pain from the rat shot, so he shot him again and his whining became louder and he was running trying to get loose. So, Mr. Barrere, instead of calling someone in authority, since it is illegal to discharge a gun in the city limits, goes inside and gets his 12 gauge and shoots the dog twice and kills him.

Now he could see good enough to shoot him but not see he was tangled in the woodpile till he killed him. So then the so called good Christian loaded Ruger up, took him out past his home, and dumped him in a ditch for scavengers or whatever to decimate his corpse. Only with some persuasion did he reveal the location of the body so my family could retrieve him and properly bury him.

My granddaughter took her children to see Mr. Barrere so he could tell them what happened and he said if they had taken better care of their dog it wouldn't have happened; as if they could have prevented the lead breaking. He was heard saying that he was in fear for his life and that of his wife when the dog did nothing but try to get away and go home. Do you think this is justifiable? And, if it is illegal to discharge firearms in town, hopefully they have issued a citation to Mr. Barrere.


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luvjamaica writes:

This is twice now someone has shot inside city limits!! Killing peoples dogs, yes they should be tied up, but for God's sake call the law to let them know a dog is loose!! Dont kill someone's family memember!! I say its a copout crying in fear for my life, that was & is BS!! People need to put the guns away if your gonna live in town & stop shooting then ask questions later, VERY, VERY CHICKEN SH*( OF Lance for doin this action!!! He should get a ticket!!

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