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August 11, 2017


This is a column that is kind of like the Seinfeld show. A column about nothing. Or it could be considered a column about everything.

This has been a tough year because of the drought. Hay was hard to find. I stooped to cutting kochia weeds in the old city lagoon. Now kochia is a big, bushy green weed that thrives in adverse conditions. It is the kind of week that helped livestock survive the thirties.

But one of the problems is it can be high in nitrates. And that can be fatal to cattle.

I was telling a friend about it and that I would need to test it. He said his neighbor had a unique way of testing his standing crops for nitrates.

He would simply open the gate and let 4 or 5 of his neighbor’s cows in the field for a few days. If they survived he calls up the cattle’s owner and tells him his cows are out again.

I guess it works fairly well and is cheaper, at least for the crop owner, than sending the crop in for a test.

I always get comments about Shirley. People think she gets picked on in my column! Really! They think she gets picked on in my column. I don’t have the slightest idea where that could come from.

Now, yesterday we attended a horse sale in South Dakota. A wonderful bunch of horses being sold by a good friend. The auctioneer is also a good friend of mine.

In comes this kind of plain looking mare. She wasn’t carrying any chrome. Just a pretty nice kind of mare with no particular markings.

The auctioneer was pointing this out to the crowd and made the remark that “dancing girls don’t make the best cooks”!

I guess at that point I shouldn’t have poked Shirley with my elbow and said, “I love your hotdish”!

And one more thing.

We were having coffee with a neighbor the other day and were visiting about patrolman picking people up. Because I had been recently received a verbal warning. No ticket mind you. Just a warning.

This guy had been picked up for going 10 mph over the speed limit.

As the patrolman was walking up he quickly reached up and hurriedly fastened his seat belt.

The patrolman quizzed him about his seat belt usage.

“Did you have your seat belt fastened before I stopped you,” he asked?

“I certainly did”!

The patrolman smiled slightly and asked, “Isn’t it hard to drive with your seat belt fastened through the steering wheel”?

Later, Dean


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