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October 5, 2018

I’m not accustomed to making excuses, but the dog didn’t exactly eat my homework. I was busy wrestling with jaw pain. I did learn how to work through pain, but it wasn’t fun. My meals were liquid or soft, taken only on the left side of my mouth.

If my husband weren’t such a marvelous chef, we might have opened more cans of Campbell’s Soup. As it was, we only opened one and added fresh mushroom slices to it: cream of mushroom soup.

We had smooth cream of tomato bisque made with ripe, homegrown tomatoes. There was cream of mushroom soup, potato soup, corn chowder broccoli and cheese soup, and Manhattan clam chowder.

We have upped the pain pills at the PA-C’s prescription. Let’s hope it works; I’m tired of hurting. I’m also nursing the same pressure sore, the second time.

Now I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about me, and I have few other topics to write about. I could sum up my opinions in short statements. There were all the women who men on morning news shows fondled, groped, or exposed themselves to; the men should have learned better in junior high.

And there was our President that most of you voted for, while our household did not. No, not even my Republican husband could bring himself to vote for Trump. He didn’t vote for Hillary, either, though. Now we’re stuck with what others elected, but that’s the way democracy works.

I’m pleased with the USA talking to North Korea, but I was afraid war would break out; I have no faith in our leader’s negotiating skill, although he does. I guess our economy has improved, but nothing in my life has improved. His tariffs on soybeans can’t make farmers happy.

He was elected in 2016, only two more years to wait to unseat him. Who can the Democrats find?


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