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October 18, 2019

Hello God, it’s me, Mara:

Fall is fast approaching us; we feel it in the air. Its signs are all around us, too, we see them everywhere! Leaves are turning to orange and gold, they’re such a lovely sight. They don’t stay long as orange and gold, they change fast overnight.

Autumn has many clear crisp days, bright colored foliage, too. We’re ‘game’ to tackle outdoor jobs, it’s something we all do. Before the Winter settles in, we’ll work and spread good cheer, with willingness we’ll work ‘til we’re done, we do that every year.

But Fall is more than Autumn leaves, it marks a changed season; there’s now a special work to do, and a special reason. It only lasts eighty-nine days, and then it all is gone. Next, winter comes, in December, the twenty first at dawn.

While Fall’s still here, appreciate there’re glorious sights to see. Each day just seems to get better; Fall is special to me. How wonderful is Nature, Lord, how promising the thought that everything You fashioned, Lord, by Your own hand was wrought.

And not just here around ‘bout us, but far on distant shores, Your vigilance encircles us, all in Your great outdoors. Out in the sunny East pastures, the herds of cattle graze. Up in the top of a nearby tree, the birds sing songs of praise.

Above the cliffs all laced with rocks, the kingly eagle soars, all are joyous, living life in God’s great outdoors. These chosen homey country pictures hold many charms for me. The brooklet’s soft music is great, like ever-restless sea.

Corn shocks are still in the North field, they’re planted row on row. Owls glide above, air ‘streams’ geese ride, then moon begins to glow. Who can witness these sights and sounds, listen to rusting leaves; and not beware of season change – that comes with a gentle breeze.

Your Word tells us to worship You; Psalms 96, verse 9, “In the splendor of HIS holiness”; to know You all the time.

Love, Mara


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