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July 12, 2020

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Board Declaring Intent to Increase Hours/Salary

RESOLUTION 07062020-01 BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS DECLARING ITS INTENT TO INCREASE OFFICE HOURS AND SALARY FOR THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS WHEREAS, Montana Code Annotated 7-4-102 provides that, unless otherwise provided by law, each officer shall keep the officer's office open for the transaction of business during the office hours determined by the governing body by resolution after a public hearing and only if consented to by any affected elected county officer each day except Saturdays and legal holidays. WHEREAS, the Board of Carter County Commissioners, after evaluating its current schedule has determined to increase meeting days adding the second and fourth Thursday to the regular schedule. In addition, the commission voted to increase the pay from 56% to 70% of the Base wage for the Clerk and Recorder. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF THE COUNTY OF CARTER, MONTANA, 1. A public hearing will be held at the Carter County Courthouse by the Commission on July 20, 2020 at 2:00 PM to discuss the proposed resolution. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. 2. After receiving comment on the proposed resolution, the Commission will consider adoption of a resolution to increase the office hours of the County Commission by adding two days per month to the schedule and increase the salary to 70% of the Clerk and Recorder’s base salary. 3. Questions or comments may be sent to the Carter County Clerk and Recorder, at PO Box 315, Ekalaka, MT 59315 or electronically to [email protected] or by phone 406.775.8749. 4. The Clerk is directed to provide notice of this resolution in the manner required by MCA 7-1-2121 MCA. Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners this 6th day of July, 2020. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS CARTER COUNTY, MONTANA /S/ Steve Rosencranz, Chairman /S/ Rod Tauck, Vice Chairman /S/ Mike Watkins, Member Attest: Pamela J. Castleberry, Clerk of the Board Published in The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Montana on July 10 & 17, 2020 MNAXLP

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Water Right Claim

Williams Ranches, Inc. has filed a motion to reinstate water right claim 39F 15738-00, which was previously withdrawn. If reinstated, the claim will authorize stock water use from an unnamed tributary of the North Fork of Willow Creek in Carter County, Montana with a priority date of October 30, 1963. Any response or objection to the motion must be filed with the Montana Water Court, Box 1389, Bozeman, MT 59771, within 45 days of the last publication of this notice (on or before September 7, 2020). A copy of the response or objection must also be served on Ross P. Keogh, Parsons Behle & Latimer, 201 South Main Street, Suite 1800, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. A complete copy of the motion and supporting documents are available on the “Notices and Information” page of the Montana Water Court website. (Case 39F-0400-R-2020). Published in The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Montana on July 10, 17 & 24, 2020 MNAXLP

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Audit Publication Statement

AUDIT PUBLICATION STATEMENT An audit of Carter County has been conducted by Denning, Downey & Associates, CPA’s PVC. the audit covered the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019. Section 2-7-521, MCA, requires the publication of the following summary of significant findings. Summary of Significant Findings The audit report for Carter County for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019 is unmodified. The audit report also contained several other auditors’ reports. Following is a list of the reports and a summary of the findings included in each. This is only a summary and is not intended to be used as an audit report. 1. Independent Auditor’s Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting and on Compliance and Other matters based on an audit of Financial Statements performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards. This report contained findings in the following matters: a. Internal Controls – Segregation of Duties b. Road Fund Expenditures 2. Report on Other Compliance, Financial and Internal Accounting Control Matters. This report contained no findings. 3. Report on Prior Audit Report Recommendations. This report summarized the findings from the prior audit report, and noted the action taken on them. a. Operating Transfer – Implemented b. Road Fund Expenditures – Repeated c. Expenditures Recorded in the Wrong Period – Implemented d. Unrecorded Airport Grant Due from Other Government – Implemented e. Internal Control – Segregation of Duties – Repeated f. Budget Overdrafts – Implemented Public Inspection of Audit Report The complete audit report is on file, in its entirety and open to public inspection in the Carter County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, 214 Park Street, Ekalaka, MT 59324. Carter County will send a copy of the audit report to any interested person upon request. Sincerely, Pamela J. Castleberry, Clerk and Recorder for Carter County, Motana Published in The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Montana on July 10, 2020 MNAXLP

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Summons and Economic Restraining Order

MONTANA SIXTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, CARTER COUNTY, MONTANA Summons and economic restraining order Cause No: DR-6-2020-2 IN RE THE MARRIAGE OF DUSTIN FIX, Petitioner, and JIMI WILLSON FIX, Respondent. THE STATE OF MONTANA SENDS GREETINGS TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: YOU, THE RESPONDENT, ARE HERBY SUMMONED to answer the Petition in this action which is filed in the office of the above-named Court, a copy of which is served upon you with this Summons, and to file your answer and serve a copy of your answer on Petitioner’s attorney within 21 days after the service of this Summons. If you fail to appear or answer, judgment will be take against you, by default, for the relief demanded in the Petition. TO PETITIONER AND RESPONDENT: Pursuant to Montana Code Annotated, Section 40-4-121(3), the Respondent and Petitioner are hereby restrained from transferring, encumbering, pawning, pledging, hiding, or in any way disposing or any property, real or personal, whether jointly or separately held, without either the consent of the other party or an order of the Court, except in the usual course of business or for the necessities of life. Each party must notify the other of any proposed extraordinary expenditures at least five business days before incurring the expenditures and to account to the Court for all extraordinary expenditures made after service of the Summons. This restraining order does not prevent either party from using any property to pay reasonable attorney fees in order to retain counsel in the proceedings. Petitioner and Respondent are further restrained from cashing, borrowing against, canceling, transferring, disposing of, or changing the beneficiaries of any insurance or other coverage, including life, health, automobile and disability coverage held in the benefit of a party or child of a party for whom support may be ordered. This temporary restraining order shall continue until another order of the Court is issued either amending or vacating this temporary restraining order. Either party or both parties may request the Court to vacate or amend this temporary restraining order by filing a motion to amend or vacate the temporary restraining order. VIOLATION OF THIS ORDER IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE UNDER 45-5-220 OR 45-5-626. DATED this 3 day of April, 2020. /S/ Patricia J. Lovec Clerk of District Court Published in The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Montana on July 3, 10 & 17, 2020 MNAXLP

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Notice of Hearing on Name Change of Minor Child

MONTANA SIXTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, CARTER COUNTY, MONTANA Amended Notice of Hearing on Name Change of Minor Child NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Petitioner, Raquel Williams, has filed in the above Court and cause a Petition for Name Change for Tegan Madison Diede to Tegan Madison Williams.. Hearing upon said Petition will be held in the District Court at the courtroom at Ekalaka, Carter County, Montana, on the 28th day of July, 2020, at 10:30 a.m. or as soon thereafter as can be heard. Objections may be filed any time before the hearing by an person who can show good reason not to change the name. If a interested party fails to file an objection and/or appear at said hearing, this nonappearance will constitute a denial of interest in this proceeding, which may, without further notice of the proceeding or any subsequent proceeding, result in the Court granting the relief requested in the petition. DATED this 19th day of June, 2020. /S/ Patricia Lovec, Clerk of District Court Published in The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Montana on June 26, July 3, 10 & 17, 2020 MNAXLP

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NOTICE OF PENDING ATTACHMENT OF A TAX LIEN (MCA 15-17-122) On Monday, August 3, 2020, by 5:00 pm, the Carter County Treasurer will attach a property tax lien to property on which the 2019 real estate taxes are delinquent. The delinquent taxes, including penalties, interest and costs are a lien upon the property and that unless delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and costs are paid prior to August 3, 2020 a tax lien will be attached and may be assigned to a third party. A complete delinquent list of all property in the county on which the taxes are delinquent, including all town property that is delinquent, is on file in the office of the Carter County Treasurer at 214 Park Street, Ekalaka, Montana and is open to public inspection and examination. The list includes the name and address of the persons to whom the taxes are assessed and the amounts of the delinquent taxes, all accrued penalties, interest, and other costs. For further information please contact the Carter County Treasurer at 214 Park St / PO Box 317, Ekalaka, MT 59324 or at 406-775-8735. Published in The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Montana on June 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31, 2020 MNAXLP

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