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Shifting Scenes fills in court record holes

George Boggs was Carter County’s first sheriff. He had served six years previously as deputy sheriff under Sheriff W.E. Savage in Custer County. During those years he was responsible for the law enforcement of all the county east of Powder River to the Montana Dakota line.

When Carter County was created in 1917, George Boggs was named in the bill as the first sheriff. Geo Boggs was well equipped for this position, he was well known, and respected in the area. The commission minutes reflect Boggs’ influence and presence in the many daunting challenges that were faced in the initial beginnings o...


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sfarwell writes:

An interesting story about early law and punishment in Carter County. I had not read about George Boogs in Shifting Scenes but will now do so. Thanks to Pam for bringing this story to my attention via her article in the Eagle.