School, track team awards given last week


Students from Carter County participated in the Southeast Regional Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Contest in March. Ekalaka’s junior high team placed first and was comprised of Kenzie Tooke, Turner Tooke, Sean Wolenetz, Tyra O’Connor, and Darin Schallenberger.

Three members of the high school team received individual honors. Hannah LaBree earned the top score on the Applied Mathematics test, scored in the top 15-20 percent on all three tests and qualified for two state awards for her performance on the Problem Solving test and the Applied Mathematics test. Ryan Rycher also qualified for state recognition with his performance on the Applied Mathematics test. Heather LaBree earned an individual honor for scoring in the top 15-20 percent on all three tests.

Rounding out the team were Claire Callahan, Caleb Fix, Jordan King, Wyatt Kittelmann, Whitney Kittelmann, Kari Kittelmann, Annette Lovec, Mick O’Connor, Tyra O’Connor, Jared Pardee, Rose Rychner, Darin Schallenberger, Kennedy Tooke, Kenzie Tooke, Tori Tooke, Turner Tooke and Sean Wolenetz.

In February, high school students participated in the American Math Competition. The top three juniors and seniors were Tori Tooke, Jordan King and Claire Callahan. The top three freshman and sophomores were Mick O’Connor, Jared Pardee and Whitney Kittelmann.

The high school track team announced this year’s awards. New track lettermen Max Larson and David Ashbrook joined returning lettermen Kyleigh Bonsell, Mick O’Connor, Caleb Fix and Wyatt Kittelmann.

Fix won the Boys’ MVP award and Bonsell won the Girls’ MVP award. The Most Improved Athlete award went to O’Connor and the Most Dedicated, decided by a team vote, was shared by Fix and Kittelmann. Academic All-State honors went to Fix, O’Connor and Kittelmann.

This year’s student council has included Kennedy Tooke as STUCO president, Ashley Schmid as vice president and Jordan King as secretary.

For the senior class, Kyleigh Bonsell was representative and Joe McHenry was president. For the junior class, Tori Tooke was representative and Claire Callahan was president. For the sophomore class, Whitney Kittelmann was representative and Mick O’Connor was president. For the freshman class, Jasmine Erickson was representative and Jared Pardee was president.

In the junior high, Darin Schallenberger was the eighth-grade representative and Kenzie Tooke was the president. For seventh-grade, Heidi LaBree was representative and Jaden Pardee was president.

At state and district music festivals this year, Joe McHenry, Kennedy Tooke and Rose Rychner all received the highest possible rankings. McHenry also received the John Philip Sousa Award and Tooke received a National Choral Award.

This year’s yearbook is dedicated to Judy Janz for her many years of service in the elementary school, she is retiring at the end of the school year.


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