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CCHS sports awards given

Last week, Ekalaka Public Schools honored all local athletes from grades 5-12 for the 2018-2019 sports seasons at a program held in the CCHS Tuggle room.

Junior high volleyball participants this year were Nasya O'Connor, Adlen Larson-Byrne, Corlan Laughery, Ella Strangford, Bella Jensen, Kendra Tooke, Tegan Diede, Shaun-tey Kerr, Nicol O'Connell, Brynn Loehding, Kendall Kittelmann, Jennie Schmid, Heidi LaBree, Tyra O'Connor, Codi Melton and Katie Tooke. The team was coached by Cam LaBree.

Ches Meyer again coached the junior high boys football team this year. Participants included: Kaleb Frye,...


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