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Carter County Greats Part IV

Series: Carter County Greats | Story 4

Editor's note: Following is the fourth and final article in our series about the top ten greatest Carter County athletes of all time, as voted on by our readers.

1) Robert "Bob" Lasater

2) B.J. Padden

3) Ivan Teigen

4) Karen (Markuson) Kreitel

5) TIE - John Ward

5) TIE - Pat Hansen

7) Jesse Barnes

8) Christian "Chris" Bentz

9) Helen (Frye) Blutt: Helen Blutt graduated from Carter County High School in 1939. During her time at CCHS, she was a member of 'C' Club for two years and participated in basketball for 3, lettering as a senior. However, she was primarily known for her success pitching ho...


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