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  • Junior high girls basketball finishes season at Sacred Heart

    Jitt Schneider|Updated Nov 21, 2023

    For this tournament, Friday’s games were a single elimination. We played Melstone and won 35 to 19. We were down by 2 points at the half and the girls came back and played tough defense and ran the offense for the second half. Samantha DeFord had 2 points, Alivia Foxley had 4 points, Maggie Eshelman had 1 point, Allie Shepherd had 10 points and Keli Melton had 18 points. On Saturday morning we played Custer/Hysham which we lost 28 to 55. Samantha Deford had 2 points, Alivia Foxley had 3 points, Allie Shepherd had 15 p...

  • JH girls take on Wibaux, Broadus

    Jitt Schneider|Updated Nov 21, 2023

    It has been a pleasure to coach these 5th and 6th graders, they have worked hard on their basic skills, offensive moves, and defensive slides for the last 6 weeks. On Friday we played Wibaux and the B team lost 16 to 33. Peighton Matthews had 4 points, Aubri Ashbrook had 3 points, Ella Wright had 3 points, Oakley Spring had 1 point and Cai Jesperson had 5 points. Our free throws improved, as we shot 42 percent from the line. The girls A team won 50 to 26 over Wibaux. Samantha Deford had 1 point, Alivia Foxley had 5 points,...

  • JH girls play weekend games

    Jitt Schneider|Updated Nov 9, 2023

    We went to Terry on Friday, there were two girls out sick, and two were injured. The score board does not always reflect what they have accomplished with the positionless offense, passing and defensive skills. They are moving the ball around, dribbling and shooting the ball. We are still working on our free throws to improve our percentage from the line and talking to teammates on defense. I also want to thank Coach Olsen, Coach Klauzer, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Spencer and Trista DeFrance for volunteering their time to assist. The...

  • JH girls work on fundamentals

    Jitt Schneider|Updated Nov 2, 2023

    The girls have been working hard on the fundamentals — ball handling, passing, and dribbling towards the basket and defensive slides. Our positionless offense still needs some work as sometimes the ball is a hot potato, and the girls just want to get rid of it. We are working on taking a couple of seconds before we pass, dribble or shoot. Thanks to Coach Olsen, Coach Klauzer and Mrs. Amy Walker for volunteering to bring new drills, different perspectives and their willingness to help out wherever necessary. We played in B...

  • Junior high girls basketball working on positionless offense

    Jitt Schneider|Updated Oct 25, 2023

    We have been working on positionless offense so that every girl has the option to dribble, shoot or pass. These girls are quick to pick up the new drills we are giving them. We are setting goals during practice and for games, whether it is getting a certain amount of defensive and offensive rebounds or less than 10 turnovers or 30 baskets. These girls are working hard to accomplish their goals as a team, and we also have encouraged them to set personal goals. Coach Olsen has stopped at the gym to assist with some drills and...

  • Junior high girls basketball begins

    Jitt Schneider|Updated Oct 19, 2023

    There are twenty-two girls out for this basketball season including six 8th graders, seven 7th graders, four 6th graders and five 5th graders. The girls are coached this year by Jitt Schneider Jalyn Klauzer has added her expertise by volunteering to be an assistant. We have been working on conditioning, strength training, defense, and our offensive plays. Our first games on 10/13/2023 against Jordan were tough loses for both the A and B teams. The B team had a score of 10 points contributed by Aubri Ashbrook with 4, Cai...